Modern logistics of manufacture and retail mean that the product is usually purchased or pre-ordered before it is even made. This avoids locking up your company assets in inventory that is just waiting to be sold. This system works in a perfect world without delays or unforeseen circumstances. We do not live in a perfect world. Things happen, cargo plane was delayed, freight ship got held up by pirates, stevedore Steve skipped his morning coffee and dropped the container of goods into the harbor. Now what?

Warehouse. Your best tool of ensuring uninterrupted supply of your products to your clients is a well-staffed and organized warehouse. Domdex is proud to offer various warehousing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Bonded warehouses being our specialty, we can offer our clients VAT free storage options that further reduce costs and improve profit margins. A well-organized re-export bonded warehouse users can expect tax savings of up to 30% since VAT will only be imposed on the products upon their final sale. Domdex is a dedicated owner and manager of bonded warehouses across all of Europe, situated in biggest airports and harbors. A bonded warehouse has to be within customs territory, thus further ensuring their security and transparency, so you can always be sure your stored goods are secure and legally compliant.

Domdex bonded warehouses provide specialized storage services such as deep freeze or bulk liquid storage, commodity processing, coordination with transportation and are an integral part of the global supply chain. Furthermore our warehousing and shipping experience makes us an excellent platform for Amazon FBA, one of the global leaders in retail product logistics and warehousing.

We offer bonded warehousing solutions in biggest EU cargo and trade hubs:
·        Brussels Airport
·        London Heathrow Airport
·        Madrid-Barajas Airport
·        Amsterdam Schiphol Airport & Seaport
·        Frankfurt Seaport
·        Malpensa-Milan Airport
·        East Midlands UK Airport

At all of our warehousing sites we offer a variety of services.
·        Cargo loading and unloading
·        Cargo labeling and packing
·        Customs ERTS bonded facility
·        Short and Long term storage
·        Fumigation and pest control service
·        Cargo distribution
·        Pick and pack service
Please contact us if you have a specialty cargo that requires additional care or handling.